Professional Practice Accreditation

For Asset Management Professionals

The Āpōpō Professional Practice Accreditation programme is designed to recognise and elevate the skills and expertise of asset management professionals across Aotearoa New Zealand through formal accreditation.

This structured accreditation programme offers two tiers of recognition:

  1. Asset Management Associate, and
  2. Asset Management Chartered Professional.

The Professional Practice Accreditation programme evaluates individuals’ competencies and professional experience to recognise only those capable of the highest standards of asset management practice.

The programme is tailored for individuals working in infrastructure asset management roles in Aotearoa New Zealand, and restricted to Āpōpō members. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to have your expertise recognised, or an emerging talent eager to enhance your prospects, the Āpōpō Professional Practice Accreditation programme provides a pathway for career advancement and professional recognition within the industry.

Accreditation through the Āpōpō Professional Practice Accreditation programme signifies a commitment to excellence, professionalism, and continuous improvement in asset management practices. Read more about Benefits.

Next Steps


Understand the Benefits and Criteria

How can the Āpōpō
Professional Practice Programme help your career? And what is required in the application?


Try the

The Self-Assessment allows you to see what is required in the application, and to see if there are any gaps in your knowledge or experience.


Make an

All applications are reviewed against our two frameworks. Applications for Chartered Professional require evidence and interviews. 


Be recognised for your professionalism

Use of the post nominals AMCP and AMA designate a professional committed to the highest standards of conduct and competency.